Graduation Parties

Since 1981, HappyFaces has been provided the best quality entertainment for 1000’s of parties for high school parties and graduation events. We have all kinds of proven fun perfect for any age group. Everyone wants a photo memento of the event. HappyFaces has 100’s of ways to present that photos to include: T-shirts, key chains, magnets, photos, custom frames, magazine covers, photo buttons, mouse pads, photo mugs, photo caps and much more. We personalize all photo items to fit your theme and events. Customized entertainment! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Children’s Parties

Year 'round HappyFaces is providing delightful fun and laughter at birthday parties and special events. Kids of all ages enjoy the fabulous face painting, awesome magic and balloon twisting that our colorful clowns do. If there is a reason to celebrate, you have a reason to call HappyFaces. Or invite one of or costumes characters to your event. New fuzzy friends are joining us each month. 


Choose from a huge selection of costume fun to include:
the blue dog, purple dino, holiday characters, Fairy princes, Tom the Pumpkin, Frosty the Snowman, Rudy Deer, Red Dog, Snuggles the bear, the brown dog, Yellow lion, Beatrice the Easter Bunny, lots of colorful clowns and tons more.

Corporate Events

Every year HappyFaces provides the fun entertainment for thousands of corporate events. We have the largest assortment of fun to choose from including all kinds of professional entertainers. If we don't have it - we know who does. We'd be happy assist in all your entertainment needs. 

Popular demand for the corporate events include the following
Caricaturists * Formal Magic * Strolling Musicians * Digital Photos * Mimes * Mini Readers * Festive Face Painters * Portrait Artists * Inflatables * Magicians * Costume Characters * Spin Art * Carnival Games * Tattoos * Magic Shows * Hypnotists Shows * Balloon Twisters * Jugglers * Story Tellers * Photo Souvenirs * Colorful Clowns * Stage Shows & Lots of new fun


HappyFaces provides fun and memorable entertainment for family and corporate picnics and other events. We have the largest assortment of fun to choose from including all kinds of professional entertainers that appeal to every age group. Picnics are also a great place for our wide selection of inflatables or perfect for our very talented henna artist.

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Seasonal Parties

HappyFaces has all the Holiday and seasonal parties covered. Our Holiday Characters and wonderful games are sure to please anyone. The Holidays are approaching, so call us to reserve!

Choose from a huge selection of costume fun to include:
The blue dog, purple dino, holiday characters, Fairy princes, Tom the Pumpkin, Frosty the Snowman, Rudy Deer, Red Dog, Snuggles the bear, the brown dog, the Easter Bunny, lots of colorful clowns, balloon twisters and tons more.  We have all your favorites. Ask for complete list of fun characters.

The Real Santa & his Helpers live at Happy Faces!


Perfect for ANY HOLIDAY!

Easter, Halloween, Christmas and so much more!


Great Rates!

Lots of new costumes available, including your favorite cartoon character. Call us for complete current listings with rates, specials, info and testimonials.


We work with one of the top caricature artists in the state to create the best caricatures for you. Hire a Caricature to take your event or party to the next level! You will not be disappointed in the final product!

Face Painting

From cheek art or full faces. At HappyFaces - we are not just your ordinary face painters. All our face painters are real artists with considerable art backgrounds. Our talented face painters have the skills and patience to work with kids of all ages. Kids love to choose from our large selection of bright and colorful glitter designs which include all the latest kids’ crazes. Our designs are whimsical, fun and creative. Our designs are tested to please kids of all ages. Fast, fun and affordable. Custom designs - those designs with a specific theme in mind, we can custom design any logo, trademark or product you would like to promote. Ideal for theme parties, product promotions, corporate and sporting events. We have fabulous and fancy face painting for the slightly older kids including roses, hearts and sports logos as well as more intricate designs. Perfect for preteen to 104-year young! Fast, fun, affordable entertainment - whether your event is a small birthday party or a large corporate event. We have the face painting staff who will make your event an overwhelming success. A guaranteed hit - as the #1 kids’ pleaser - face painting is the best way to say thank

At HappyFaces, we only use safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic industry face paints. In over 25 years in the business and billions of happy painted faces, we are confident that our paints are safe. We can accommodate any size event from one face painter to over 20 face painters. We can to designs tailored for your event, from full face, to half face; to cheek art... we are the face painting experts. 

Organized Games

Duck Pond

Each player dips a duck out of the pond using a net. Player receives a prize that corresponds with the number on the bottom of the duck.

Shooting Gallery

Each player gets 3 shots to hit a target. All others get a consolation prize.

Batter Up Benny

Throw the beanbag through Benny catcher’s mitt.

Basketball Toss

Everyone gets 3 minutes to throw. Person with most baskets every 1/2 hour wins. All others get consolation prize.

Hockey Game

Everyone gets 2 pucks. Slide the puck down the alley bouncing off the back stop or sides. To win puck must end up behind the red line but not in the gutter. All others get a consolation prize.

Tic Tac Toe

Each Player throws 3 balls. 3 ball in a row in 1st prize. All other wins consolation prize.

Color Toss

Each player gets 3 balls. First place to anyone landing 3 balls in the same color. All others get a consolation prize.

Lightning Strikes

Very Challenging. Grand prize to anyone who can get the wand all the way down the outset off the lightening. Consolation prize to all who try.

Block Island

Bright orange game. Everyone gets one chance to knock over the dice. All others get consolation prize.

Baby Bottle Bash

Knock over the bright and colorful baby bottles with a beanbag. All others win a consolation prize.

Green Grass Ring Toss

3 chances to throw a ring into a can. All others get a consolation prize.

Flip the Frog

3 chances to get Freddie Frog in the pond. Prize to anyone who gets frog in the pond. All others win a consolation prize.

Ring Toss

Bright red ring toss game. Everyone gets 5 rings. Try to loop ring over post. Consolation prize to all others.

Big Mouth Clown

Throw the beanbag through the clown’s mouth.


Drop the two pucks down the maze to come out the opposite end. All others get consolation prize.

Milk Bottle Throw

5 bottles knocked over wins 1st place all others win consolation prizes.

Porcupine Ring Toss

3 chances to throw a ring on Petty’s quills. All others get a consolation prize.

Call for Rates

2hr minimum for each game. Make everyone a winner. Choose from a huge assortment of fun games.  We have moonwalks and much more. Ask for a complete list of rates and availability.


Be sure to ask about face painters, caricaturist, clowns, magicians, fortune tellers, photo buttons, and all other fun things HappyFaces has to offer.

Balloon Twisters

Bring your imagination to our balloon twisters as they can create almost anything from simply balloons. Balloon twisters are a great addition to any children’s party corporate event, seasonal get together or party! Contact us directly to get a balloon twister at your next event or party!

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Fortune Tellers / Reader

Learn more about you and your guest through our fascinating & in sighting mini readings. Mini readings are done by your choice of: Tarot, Handwriting analysis, graphology, palm, numerology or gems.

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Tarot Reading

We use artful cards that you select and we interpret.

palm readings.jpg

Palm Readings

These are done by analyzing and interpreting the lines in your hand.


By using your full name/birth date & plugging the resulting numbers into formulas we can find out all kinds of interesting info.


We find revealing information gleaned from a couple of paragraphs of your guest handwriting. We can do compatibilities of 2 or more at a time.

All the above are tools the readers use to gather information on your and your guests. Other tools of reading are available such as tea leaves, the Aura camera, astrology and more. Ask us which are most popular. All readings are always fun, positive, uplifting, and surprisingly accurate. Readers can come dressed in festive costume at no extra charge. We will assist you with you choosing additional entertainment. Ask us what’s new. Happy Faces is your one stop shop for fun entertainment. Perfect for ALL Ages * ALL Occasions!

*Bar/Bat Mitzvahs *CoPicnics *Holiday Parties *Graduation Parties *Festivals *Corporate & Special Events